​Sean Penn in a relationship with Leila George

Crédit photo: Instagram ​Sean Penn in a relationship with Leila George

Sugar daddy much?

Well, guess Sean Penn knows who to hang around with. After Scarlett Johansson and ex-fiancé Charlize Theron, meet Sean Penn’s shiny new girlfriend: 24 year-old pretty Leila George.
The lovers were spotted this week enjoying a good time under the hot Hawaii sun… Local paparazzi caught them making out like teenagers, and last night, the couple made its first public appearance together on the red carpet for the LACMAs in L.A.
Leila George, who plays in Mother, May I Sleep with Danger? Alongside James Franco, is also the daughter of the Law & Order: Criminal Intent star, Vincent D’Onofrio. Let’s look at the numbers shall we? Just for fun? Vincent is 57, and Sean Penn, 56… Fun times!

Source : HollywoodPQ

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