'Bad Moms' star Mila Kunis talk about how motherhood impacted her life!

Crédit photo: @ashtonmila 'Bad Moms' star Mila Kunis talk about how motherhood impacted her life!
Mila Kunis might be playing a wild mother in the upcoming comedy Bad Moms alongside A-list actresses like Kristen Bell and Christina Applegate, but in real life, she’s definitely far from being a bad mom.

Mila has a 19-month-old daughter, Wyatt with her husband Ashton Kutcher and we MELT whenever we see the family together having fun. The 32-year-old actress recently shared how becoming a mom changed her life for the better.


“I would never trade [being a mother] for the world… But I know that when we decided to have a kid, we were ready to no longer be selfish”, she revealed in a recent interview with ET, letting us know that her number one priority has definitely become her daughter. #admirable

According to the actress, becoming a mother taught her to put her daughter first and to be more ‘selfless’, a quality her character in Bad Moms could use! 

The Black Swan beauty also explains that being a good mother is a learning process and that she wouldn’t be the mother she is without the help of her husband. She concluded the interview by explaining that she has learned “how to be a great partner, and great wife, and a great woman and [... ] still be responsible for a living child".

Mila and Ashton are now expecting their second child, and we’re cannot wait to see how Mila's parenting skills will improve! Bad Moms hits theaters at the end of the month, on July 29th !



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