Pink attacks trolls who hacked her account, gets called ‘b*tchy’

Crédit photo: @pink Pink attacks trolls who hacked her account, gets called ‘b*tchy’
Do not hack Pink’s social media accounts unless you’re ready to be met with major rage. The 36-year-old songstress and mama had her personal Instagram account hacked by Internet trolls and it’s a bit of an understatement to say that she completely lost it. 

We get her point of view — no one would enjoy having their private information stolen and their personal social media platforms used for someone else’s pleasure and entertainment — but Pink may have gone a little overboard with her response. 

Pink took to Twitter to send out a number of messages directed at the trolls responsible for the hack, making use of plenty of swearwords and showing off some serious anger. Like, level 10 I’m-about-to-cut-you anger. 

Although many thought she was justified in handling the situation in such an emotionally-driven way, others called her out for taking the incident way too seriously. One critic even labeled her a ‘b*tchy’. 

Was Pink’s outburst warranted — what do you think?

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