Stephen Colbert rewrites ‘Oh Canada’, makes it sooo much better! [VIDEO]

Crédit photo: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Stephen Colbert rewrites ‘Oh Canada’, makes it sooo much better! [VIDEO]
With the presidential election looming closer and closer every day, Americans are starting to look across the border and dream of joining us in this beautiful place we call home. Something Stephen Colbert recently addressed on The Late Show by giving his audience a crash course on our national anthem.

Supporting our House of Commons' new bill, which proposes to make the anthem gender-neutral, Colbert gave Canada props for the idea... but had some suggestions to make the song even better. First up: The name makes it sound like we're disappointed in our country every time we say it, so why not call it  "Our Prime Minister Is Hot" instead? We sure can't argue with that, Colb! 

"Canada, you are missing a fantastic opportunity here to change more lyrics to show how great your beautiful country is," Colbert continued. "And I have prepared a small re-write of your national anthem. Please rise — and place your hand over your beaver."

That's when a man dressed up as a Mountie appeared and went on to perform the revamped version, which includes amazing lines like: "O Canada / The country we hold dear / All the sexy Ryans / Also come from here." WE LOVE IT! 

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