There’s a giant (naked) Rihanna sculpture shocking the streets of Berlin

There’s a giant (naked) Rihanna sculpture shocking the streets of Berlin
The Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art has taken over the German capital and as part of its big launch earlier this week, a giant (naked) Rihanna sculpture was unveiled, taking the Berlin streets by storm.

Created by Colombian artist Juan Sebastian Pelaez, the work is a HUGE cutout image of Rihanna based on a paparazzi shot taken of Ri while she was vacationing in her native Barbados back in November 2013. But it’s not the RiRi we know. You see, she has no head and there’s a face on her chest. Yes, it’s as weird as it sounds. Maybe even more so. 

Titled Ewaipanoma (Rihanna), the work is "the latest work in Juan Sebastián Peláez’ series featuring upright, oversize photo-cutouts of headless human bodies—captured in athletic positions, sporting bikini swimwear, or posing in the limelight in glitzy, bling gowns—with faces surreally integrated into their chests."

"Both the bodies and faces are sourced from pop queens and soccer stars from the Caribbean or Latin America... While hinting at the sometimes monstrous body modifications typical of celebrity culture, these works also reference longstanding projections of otherness."

"For these works Peláez was inspired by drawings from sixteenth-century explorers of the New World (like Sir Walter Raleigh), who on returning home described having encountered so-called “Blemmyae,” headless natives with faces on their upper, naked bodies." Iiiiinteresting. 

Now, we give you Headless Rihanna:

Psssttt ! Envoie-ça à ton ami!