​Is Ed Sheeran's "Photograph" a ripoff of this song?

Crédit photo: Ethan Miller ​Is Ed Sheeran's
Ed Sheeran is being sued by two songwriters for allegedly taking one of their songs and turning it into 2014’s hit 'Photograph'. 

Martin Harrington and Thomas Leonard have slapped Sheeran with a $20 million copyright infringement lawsuit, claiming he took a song they wrote in 2009, which was later recorded by 2012 X Factor winner Matt Cardle, and turned it into 'Photograph'.

Hiring attorney Richard Busch, who won the 'Blurred Lines' suit for Marvin Gaye's family, the duo filed papers in an LA courtroom, arguing the song is ”extrinsically and intrinsically strikingly similar" to 'Amazing', reports Mashable.

“Out of the 61 notes in the chorus section of 'Photograph,' approximately 70 percent of the notes are identical to or substantially related to notes in the chorus section of 'Amazing.' Further, 64 percent of the notes in the chorus section of 'Photograph' are identical to the notes in the chorus section of 'Amazing.'"

“The sheer magnitude, and verbatim copying of 'Amazing'... is so blatant in both scale and degree, that it raises this matter to an unusual level of striking similarity where access is presumed," the suit continues. So, we ask you to take a listen to the two tracks and let us know — do you think they’re the same?

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