Is this a Penelope Cruz or Anne Hathaway painting?

Crédit photo: @frankbruninyt Is this a Penelope Cruz or Anne Hathaway painting?
The Internet has found its new White and Gold/Black and Blue dress and it's seriously trippy. In fact, it's already sparked all kinds of debates and made us go a little bit insane.

The latest mind-bending trompe l'oeil comes courtesy of this painting, which could very well be depicting either Penelope Cruz or Anne Hathaway. Who. Is. It?!

New York Times columnist Frank Bruni posted the image to Facebook and all we can think is WHY WOULD HE DO THIS TO US? Just as we were starting to heal from The Dress, Bruni goes ahead and does something totally evil, sparking up a brand new heated debate on the Interwebs. Hmph.

"Working in Rome for a few days," he wrote. "Tom and I did the Airbnb thing. Our odd apartment has this huge painting. He says Penelope Cruz. I say Anne Hathaway. Before I ask the owners and report back, YOU vote. Who is painted here?"

We don't know! We just don't know! We thought it was Hathaway, but then something about her nose made us think it's actually Cruz. Or maybe it's the mouth? WE DON'T KNOW. 

Bruni updated the thread with his final guess, writing: "The photos of Anne Hathaway provided by someone in the Comments thread here and also on Twitter seem to confirm this as Hathaway, but I'll super-confirm with the Airbnb hosts tomorrow and post then. And we can all file this under NEEDED DISTRACTIONS FROM THE 2016 PRESIDENTIAL."

He has yet to tell the world what the hosts think. Ahhh, the suspense! Who do you see?!

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