Watch Taylor Swift crash a superfan's wedding, serenade the crowd with 'Blank Space'

Crédit photo: @taylorswift Watch Taylor Swift crash a superfan's wedding, serenade the crowd with 'Blank Space'
The love Taylor Swift has for her fans is truly incredible. Just take a look at what she did for Max Singer and Kenya Smith, a superfan and his bride who chose 'Blank Space' as the soundtrack for their first wedding's mother-son dance. Confused? OK, let's rewind.

It was April when the groom's sister, Ali Singer, penned a letter to Taylor telling her how her brother and his fiance had tied the knot in their mother’s hospital room, so she could be a part of their big day. Max, who happens to be a HUGE Swift fan, chose ‘Blank Space’ for his mother-son dance. Sadly, his mom didn't live to see the couple walk down the aisle on June 4th.

Swift was so moved by the touching story that she decided to do something extra special for the couple -- CRASH THEIR WEDDING!!!!!!


Congratulations Max and Kenya!!

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“We all wish mom was here, and I can confidently say she’s smiling down on us right now, and telling us to get the party started," Ali announced at the reception. "We’re going to get this life together started the way you started it the first time around with your marriage in that little room. In the words of Sheryl Sandberg: 'We want option A, but option A’s not available, so let’s just kick the s--t out of option B." That's when Swift came out and everyone totally lost it. 


Third wheel

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The 26-year-old performed a beautiful rendition of 'Blank Space' on the piano, joking, “Alright, I want to talk about the fact that when I wrote this, I never in my life imagined I would be playing it at a wedding!” The superstar also took time to pose for photos with the family and even went as far as to present the couple with a gift: A custom painting that read, "So it’s gonna be forever". T-Swift is amazing! 


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