This is where Rihanna parties in Montreal [PHOTO]

Crédit photo: @badgalriri This is where Rihanna parties in Montreal [PHOTO]
There’s something truly special about the music-loving community in Montreal. Go to any show and you’ll be surrounded by people who loooooove music unequivocally and who aren’t in the least bit shy about showing it.

Standing still and clapping politely is not a thing that happens in Mtl - it’s always sheer joy, excitement and screaming that’s to be found. Oh, and dancing. Lots of dancing. 

That might help explain why so many of today’s biggest stars love kicking off their North American tours in the 514 and why they often play more than one night in a row. And why they hit the town afterwards rather than going back to their hotel, no matter how tired they might be from performing. 

Take Rihanna, for example. RiRi played two nights at Montreal’s Bell Centre with Travis Scott and after leaving the venue on Night 2, she headed out to check out the city’s nightlife. Where did she end up? 

Apt. 200 on St-Laurent. Rolling in around 1:30AM, Ri enjoyed the ambiance and music for about an hour, but didn’t let fans take any photos. Instead, she decompressed with her crew and all we have as proof of the momentous occasion are these discreet snaps. The Bad Gal was there to have a good time and judging by these snaps, it sure looks like she did! 



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