Solestruck launches footwear line dedicated to creating heels for men [PHOTOS]

Crédit photo: SYRO Solestruck launches footwear line dedicated to creating heels for men [PHOTOS]
Solestruck is known for designing ridiculous heels and platform shoes that only Lady Gaga could walk in and pull off, but they’ve just done something amazing when it comes to throwing middle fingers up to gender norms. Enter SYRO, the first-ever footwear line full of heels for men.


syro goes live in days.

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“Since 2006, Solestruck has dedicated itself to curating unique footwear from all parts of the world,” Solestruck wrote in a news release introducing the collection. “It’s been our joy to serve millions of shoe-lovers from all walks of life, but there is one client we’ve always wished to do more for. We’ve ached over the difficulties of persuading our brands to make heels in larger sizes. And now, finally, we’re doing it ourselves.” 


syro pre-orders going live tomorrow. the George boot is perfect for summer days at the beach

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The company's mission statement? "The oppression of male femininity still continues to shame, exile and attack the freedom of self-expression.SYRO is founded on the hope of liberating femme identity. Community is the core of our mission - to encourage the outcasted and unite the oppressed. Liberation is our message. Fashion is our microphone."


the Dave heel. US men's sizes 8-14. pre-sale launching may 1.

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For now, the line features five designs, all created in black, ranging in price from $140-$185. Gentlemen, you can take your pick from a wedge, creeper, pump, Chelsea boot and, our personal fave, disco platforms.  



do what you want. be who you want. or don't, if you want.

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Psssttt ! Envoie-ça à ton ami!