Conan O'Brien visits North Korea, gets a special visit from Kim Jong-un [VIDEO]

Crédit photo: @teamcoco
Conan O'Brien just became North Korea's first late night talk show host. Following up his historic trip to Cuba, the comedian set his sights even further abroad, traveling to Korea.

First came a stop in South Korea where he learned the basics of the language, visited the famed fish market, starred in a Korean soap opera and even became a K-pop star. But the real fascinating portion of his trip was his (brief) stop in North Korea. 

Teaming up with Walking Dead star Steven Yeun, O'Brien traveled to the DMZ aka demilitarized zone and crossed the border to host North Korea's first ever talk show, complete with an appearance from Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un. He even had the balls to make fun of their police officers. WOWZA.

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