Miguel Lopez, music mogul and owner of Canadian record label Urban Heat Legends, is joining forces with Dogg Records and Bing Worthington (AKA Snoop Dogg’s brother) to bring some seriously impressive West Coast hip-hop and R&B talent to the East of Canada.

As the duo gets ready to set up shop in Toronto and Montreal, we caught up with Bing to find out more about the exciting new label, the artists it plans to feature and its first single, which comes courtesy of Canada’s very own Addictiv.

What sparked the union between Urban Heat Legends and Dogg Records?
In order to do business anywhere in the world, one of the most important things is to have partners you trust. This is an understatement when talking about me and my partner Miguel Lopez, CEO of UHL. We have very similar business ethics, we both enjoy a challenge and loyalty is EVERYTHING! 

The union came from mutual friends and colleagues. UHL was working with world-renowned producer JellyRoll who worked on many singles with my brother Snoop. JellyRoll is currently signed as an artist with UHL. As far as what sparked the idea, I think the fact that Canada helps Canadian artists so much is really what fuelled our decision. 

The label is going to be based in Canada - how will it be set up? 
We will have our main office in Toronto and another in Montreal. The Toronto office will be devised as follows: Corporate offices on the first floor, recording studios on the second. Our practice/live stream area, rehearsals, dance choreography - all this will happen on the third floor. On the 4th and last floor, the UHL/DOGGRECORDS IT team will make sure our operations run smooth! The Montreal office will be composed of recording studios and video production, including all green screen rooms.

Can you reveal any of the artists who will be working with UHL/Dogg Records? 
JellyRoll is one to watch out for with an incredibly diversified album and The Reasn is another force to reckon with. The Canadian fans can also expect many American A-list artists to release albums/EPs and features with Dogg Records, like Lazy Bone, Kendrick Lamar, ASAP, Wiz Khalifa, DMX, etc.

Will you be scouting for new talent in Canada?
Of course we will be recruiting Canadian artists! There is amazing talent out here - the whole point is to mix both worlds and get some West Cost flavor in Canada! 

How does the Canadian hip-hop scene compare with that in the States? 
Honestly, it doesn’t. There is a very small hip-hop market in Canada. Radio stations don't break hip-hop records in Canada and I honestly think it's not only hip-hop, but urban music - period. We are planning to change that with Dogg Records!

We believe in stations like Flow that used to break records. Shout out to Wayne Willians and Justin Dumont who were always there for UHL. Unfortunately, it does not exist any longer, but that's OK - me and Miguel are two steps ahead. We have already put in an offer to purchase our own urban station! 

Addictiv is the first artist to drop an UHL/Dogg Records track, 'Give Me Your Love' feat. Snoop. What made her the perfect choice?
This was a no-brainer for us. Addictiv was Miguel Lopez's David and Goliath fight and David won. UHL was successful in giving 1 Top 10 and 3 Top 30 singles, so we can't think of a more loyal artist to start this venture! Considering her total exposure on just one of those singles - 'Tonite' - was over 161 million, this one was a no-brainer.

Not only are you Snoop’s younger brother, but you’ve worked together extensively - how will he be involved in this new business venture? 
All I can say is blood runs thicker than water! My brother’s involvement will remain under wraps until we are ready to officially make all the press releases - stay tuned! 

Over your years of working in the music industry, what’s been the No. 1 lesson you’ve learned? 
Mean what you say and say what you mean. 

Who gets you most excited in the hip-hop game right now?
It's not who gets us excited, it's what gets us exited! As you all well know, loyalty in the music game is a fictional term. That is why we want to build long-lasting artist legacies, like my brother. How many Michael Jacksons are out there today? NONE. It’s hot today and gone tomorrow with the exception of very few.

What’s next for UHL/Dogg Records?
I will let this out of the bag: We will be venturing into movie production and our first film will be huge. Good things come to those that wait patiently - WE ARE DOGGRECORDS!

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