Kanye West defends Bill Cosby on Twitter - YIKES!

Kanye West defends Bill Cosby on Twitter - YIKES!
OK, Kanye West has just found a way to collectively piss off the entire world.

In between feuding with Wiz Khalifa and going back and forth on the title of his upcoming album, West used Twitter to create even more buzz and controversy on the social media site, sending out one simple tweet that has shaken the Net. 

Simply writing “BILL COSBY INNOCENT !!!!!!!!!!,” West appears to have come to the defense of the 78-year-old comedian who is now facing criminal charges brought against him by Andrea Constand, including sexual assault, and a possible 10-year jail sentence. 

Check it: 

This is a new fail level, even if we are talking about the notoriously outspoken Yeezus, wouldn't you say? It's hard to begin comprehending this outburst and we think it's time for West to retire from the Twitter game. #Yikes 


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