These majestic Justin Trudeau sweaters are heaven

Crédit photo: Shelfies These majestic Justin Trudeau sweaters are heaven
Move over Drake holiday sweater! Hello, Justin Trudeau pullover!

Shelfies has just created the only sweatshirt we want to wear for the rest of the season, showcasing the Canadian Prime Minister in a most majestic pose, riding a moose while shirtless, surrounded by Canadian geese.

"No one loves the great Canadian wilderness more than our fearless Prime Minister," reads the description of the Moosin' Trudeau design. 'Whether you are wrangling a moose or drinking a litre of maple syrup, this sweater is appropriate for all occasions."

There’s also a second model, aptly called the Dreamy Trudeau Sweater, which shows him conquering the Canadian mountains on horseback while surrounded by sparkles and sunshine. "Mr. Trudeau, our country welcomes you as......sorry, where was I? Sorry, it seems I got lost in the glow of your sparkling blue eyes and perfectly placed hair."

Fear not: Shelfies also has your summer fashion needs covered with T-shirts and tank tops featuring this baller prints. We’ll take two of each, please.

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