Watch the best Christmas TV ads of 2015, featuring Star Wars and Katy Perry [VIDEO]

Watch the best Christmas TV ads of 2015, featuring Star Wars and Katy Perry [VIDEO]
Without the snow outside, it's kind of hard to get into the Christmas spirit, but don’t worry: Here are some of the biggest Christmas commercials to hit the Web in the last few months and they're sure to get you feeling festive. After watching these, you’ll feel the holiday spirit or, at least, will have the urge to go buy something!



In the spirit of love and harmony, Microsoft put out a TV commercial for the holidays where the tech company invites its competitor Apple to bury their differences and come together. It’s really heartwarming, but we’ll see how long it will last!

Duracell and Star Wars

This minute-long spot is a fun watch, as Star Wars and Duracell manage to tap into our inner child and show us the power of imagination.

Apple featuring Stevie Wonder and Andra Day


This video shows us everything we need from a good holydays ad: Christmas trees, snow, decorations and a festive soundtrack. Also, you can never go wrong with Stevie Wonder.

H&M featuring Katy Perry


We are not sure if this video is an advertisement for the clothing store or a music video for Katy Perry's new holiday song, "Every Day is a Holiday", but who cares? Just enjoy the colorful spot!



The supermarket chain from the United Kingdom offers us a charming holiday ad featuring Mog the Cat, the character from the popular children's book series penned by Judith Kerr. If you love cats, you will adore this cute video.



The supermarket chain Aldi taps into the magic of Christmas using "My Favorite Things" as its soundtrack and showcasing beautiful visuals.



German grocery chain Edeka reminds us of the most important thing in life: Family! The Christmas ad has already been viewed more than 40 million times on YouTube since it was posted on November 28!

"Man On The Moon" John Lewis


British department store John Lewis managed to produce one of the most memorable Christmas commercials this year with "Man On The Moon." But be warned: This video may make your teary-eyed.

So, which one is your favorite?


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