Watch Ariana Grande slay an obnoxious radio host: "You need a little brushing up on equality"

Crédit photo: @arianagrande Watch Ariana Grande slay an obnoxious radio host:
Ariana Grande was live on the air on California’s Power 106 FM, promoting her new single, 'Focus', in an interview with DJs Justin Credible and Eric D-Lux and it's safe to say she really, REALLY wasn't feeling their questions and vibes. So she let them know.

It all started when she was asked to choose between having to give up makeup or her phone and she snapped back: “Is this what you think girls have trouble choosing between? Is this men assuming that that’s what girls would have to choose between?"

Explaining that she's without her phone often enough -- "When I’m at a dinner table, I like to be present, with eye contact, and talking" -- the conversation moved to her favorite emojis. When Grande listed the unicorn, the response from the hosts was: "Girls."

"Boys. Many boys use the unicorn!" quipped Grande to which she received the most obnoxious response imaginable: "Well, boyyyys."

"You need a little brushing up on equality over here," Grande slammed back. "Who says a unicorn emoji isn’t for men? Come on... I have a long list of things I’d like to change...I think, judgement in general. Intolerance, meanness, double standards, misogyny, racism, sexism. You know, all that shit. There’s lots we’ve got to get started on. That’s what we need to focus on. We’ve got work to do. We’ll start with you, though.”

Bow down to that! *mic drop*

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