​Instagram bans use of #EDM hashtag, but #EDMLife and #EDMGirls are OK

Crédit photo: @edmgirls ​Instagram bans use of #EDM hashtag, but #EDMLife and #EDMGirls are OK
Instagram is continuing its plight to ban both negative and overtly sexual hashtags from its platform with the addition of a new word to its ‘No More’ list. Without any sort of explanation, InstaG has now forbidden users from sharing #EDM with their photos, just one week after it tried to say farewell to #Curvy.

What’s up with all the changes? Well, Instagram is now planning to allow in-app advertising, which means it wants to look more appealing to potential big name brands. The best way to do that? Clean up as much of its users’ ‘inappropriate’ behavior as possible.

A rep told TIME, “#EDM was being used to share content that violates our guidelines around nudity.” Other variations of the tag, including #EDMLife and #EDMGirls, are still fair game, though. @EDMGirls is also alive and well. Strange.

Note: #Curvy was quickly un-banned after criticism that they were hating on a body-positive hashtag... we wonder if enough backlash will resurrect #EDM? 


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