​Top 5 lessons we learned at Osheaga 2015!

Crédit photo: Katherine Dydyk ​Top 5 lessons we learned at Osheaga 2015!
It feels like only yesterday Montreal’s Osheaga Music & Arts Festival was starting out as an underdog in the summer fest circuit and now, thanks to some great lineups, an amazing city as its backdrop and maybe even a little luck, it has celebrated its 10th anniversary

Hard to believe it was a decade ago that Osheaga began generating buzz without anyone really knowing what it was all about. Fast forward to 2015 and the festival is a top North American destination for music lovers. One thing has remained the same, however: We always pick up a few lessons along the way and this year was no different, making all the sweat, beers and (accidental) punch in the face worth it. 

Flower Crowns Are SO 2014
Whereas last year, and the year before that (and the year before that... and the year before that... you get it), you couldn’t look anywhere without seeing a sea of flower crowns, this year, it quickly became apparent that the hippie-inspired headdresses were considered soooo 2014. Sure, a few were spotted, but there was a new hot accessory taking over the festival grounds. Consider this a PSA: Flower crowns are out, white Chuck Taylors are in.

Ms Mr Have THE Best Dance Moves 
Want to know who had the best on-stage dance moves of the entire weekend? Hands down, that honor goes to NYC-based synth-pop duo Ms Mr who not only slayed with their sound (and style), but also with their signature steps. Basically, they’re the friends you’d be willing to party with any night of the week because they know how to have a good time and dance like no one’s watching. Time to practice our moves…

Rock > Hip Hop
Saturday night’s main stage headliners may have been an odd pairing - after all, Weezer and Kendrick Lamar don’t exactly go hand in hand - but it seemed like the sold out crowd was ready to have a great time, despite the leap in genres. Cue the biggest shocker: Weezer performed in front of a packed audience while Kendrick, who closed out the evening, began losing fans halfway through his set. Believe it or not, Parc Jean-Drapeau actually managed to look kinda empty by 10:40pm.  

Charli XCX Knows How To Throw A CRAZY Birthday Party
Is there any better way to celebrate your birthday than with a thousand of your closest friends? Probably not, which explains why badass British babe Charli XCX decided to spend her 23rd bday partying with a wild, energetic Osheaga crowd that gave her nothing but love. She gave it right back with a set full of rad songs, non-stop dancing and infectious vibes from her all-female band.

DJs + Unexpected Instruments = Awesomeness
With so many DJs hitting the Piknic Electronik stage throughout the three days, standing out and being exceptionally memorable wasn’t easy, but Slow Magic and Thylacine found the key to success: Unexpected instruments. Slow Magic stepped up the game by playing a drum throughout his set, even taking it with him into the crowd, while Thylacine shocked us with some mad saxophone skills that actually stopped us in our tracks. Pure awesomeness. 

See you in 2016, Osheaga! 

Photos: Katherine Dydyk

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