Canadian Red Bull Thre3Style Champ Charly Hustle shares THE ultimate travel playlist

Canadian Red Bull Thre3Style Champ Charly Hustle shares THE ultimate travel playlist
​As the newly crowned Canadian Red Bull Thre3Style National Champion, Saskatoon's Charly Hustle is packing his bags and getting ready to compete in the Red Bull Thre3Style World Finals, which take over Tokyo, Japan this September.

Before he heads off to rep Canada and battle it out against DJs from over 20 countries for top honors in the Land of the Rising Sun, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to catch up with Hustle and talk all things music. As a bonus, we convinced him to hook us up with THE ultimate travel/summer playlist. You're welcome. 

Q: What's the music scene like in Saskatoon at the moment? What’s everyone really into?
The music scene has always been known for being much bigger than expected for a city this size. It's diverse and filled with talented people. I think that since the music scene is so diverse, it kind of forces musicians and DJs to be a little more open to different genres and ideas. It's an environment that I love since I love playing anything under the sun, as long as it's danceable.

Q: I read this was your third time taking part in Thre3Style - that deserves extra congratulations on the win! What helped you go all the way this time around?
Well, thank you! Almost sheepishly, this is my FOURTH straight national Thre3style I've been in. There are many factors that probably differentiated this year from past years, but the most singularly important was probably practice. I made a conscious effort to practice much more than before. It not only sharpened my skills, but it also allowed me to try more advanced transitions and routines. It gave me ability and confidence to pull off more complex things.

Photo Credit: Dale Tidy/Red Bull Content Pool
Q: You’ll be repping Canada in Tokyo this fall — do  you plan to include any Canadian classics in your set? 
It's just SO awesome to hear that... I'll be representing Canada - SO cool. I think there are going to be some Canadian classics and contemporary jams, but they'll have to remain secret for now. Randy Bachman will likely be heard in Japan, though, that's a pretty safe bet.

Q: What are you most excited to experience once in Japan?
I am excited for everything, and I really mean that. This whole thing is going to be completely new to me and the uncertainty is pretty exciting. I feel like I'm there for a purpose - to represent Canada - so my main excitement/goal will be to play an amazing, creative and clean set. I want Japan to get a taste of what a party in Canada might be like.

Q: Can you hook our readers up with the ultimate travel playlist? One you’d want to listen to on your loooooong flight to Japan? [laughs]
Well, in honour of the question about Canadian artists and me going to Japan, here are some of my favorites from both places:

1) Help Me - Joni Mitchell
2) Spring Tokyo - Judy Ongg
3) There's No Blood In Bone - The Poppy Family
4) Dancer - Tatsuro Yamashita
5) Superstition - Goro
6) Across The Great Divide - The Band
7) Sally Anne's Style Denial - The Local Rabbits
8) Funkastic - RIP SLYME
9) Behind The Mask - Yellow Magic Orchestra
10) Keep Moving - Jessy Lanza

11) Don't Stop The Music (Yoshinori Sunahara Remix) - tofubeats
12) Shotta - Bonjay
13) Hungry For The Power - Azari & III
14) Happy Sad - Pizzicato Five
15) It's My Time - The Mynah Birds
16) Real Estate - Cadence Weapon
17) B-Boyism - Rhymster
18) The People's Champ (feat. Hellnback) - A Tribe Called Red
19) Follow - Humans
20) Sukiyaki - Kyo Sakamoto

Q: Other than Thre3Style, what's next for you?
I have several festivals booked and some cool gigs lined up. I'll be finishing an album with a rapper and possibly a solo one, too. I'm hoping that after Thre3style, I'll be playing some international gigs - fingers crossed!

Q: Finish this sentence for me: "Charly Hustle is..."
...a friend to your ears and your soul. He's a one-man, genre-hopping, finger-snapping, Prince-loving, DJing son of a gun.

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