Walt Disney World removes Bill Cosby statue

Crédit photo: Michael Loccisano Walt Disney World removes Bill Cosby statue
Following revelations that Bill Cosby once admitted -- under oath -- to giving drugs to women he wanted to have sex with, Walt Disney World has removed a statue of the comic, which was located in Disney's Hollywood Studios in Orlando.

The bust of Cosby shared the spotlight with other TV stars like Oprah and Lucille Ball... until it was taken away following the park's closure yesterday. This happened just one day after court documents were released by the Associated Press citing a 2005 sexual assault case in which Cosby admitted to getting quaaludes to give to women he desired.

As reported by People, other fallouts include Bounce TV, which has also cut ties with Cosby, stopping reruns of The Cosby Show, and Washington D.C.'s Ben's Chili Bowl restaurant, which covered up its giant mural of the former star.

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