​Top 5 lessons we learned at Piknic Electronik

Crédit photo: Vi Photographie ​Top 5 lessons we learned at Piknic Electronik
Since getting its start in 2003, Piknic Electronik has been all about bringing the best in local and international talent to electronic music lovers in an unbeatable setting, Montreal's Parc Jean-Drapeau. Now back for its 13th season, Piknic is throwing a show every Sunday until the end of September and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to experience one first-hand. Here are the five lessons we learned! 

5) F1 Crowds Like To Dance, Too
We happened to join the party during the Grand Prix and, believe it or not, F1 crowds love to get down and dance. Located close to the race track, Piknic was the logical stop for a great Formula 1 afterparty to celebrate Lewis Hamilton's win and a great weekend in beautiful Montreal. 

4) Partying On A Sunday Afternoon Is Strange But Brilliant 
Monday mornings are tough enough without having to deal with the aftermath of an epic party, which is exactly why the 2PM to 9:30PM schedule is brilliant. Yes, it feels a little strange at first to be letting loose while the sun is shining bright, but what it actually means is making the most of a typically lazy day. Enjoy the (hopefully) hot weather, great tunes and awesome friends, knowing you'll be physically able to tackle the week ahead come Monday. Piknic is what good life decisions are all about, really.

3) Damian Lazarus Is DOPE
England's Damian Lazarus headlined the night we were there and it's safe to say, NO ONE wanted his set to end. He brought the weekend to a close with a memorable bang and there's no arguing he succeeded in his mission to "blow away the mediocre, the over-inflated, the obsolete; to seek out and celebrate the energetic, the important, the new." More, please.

2) Drinking From A Bucket Is Ridiculously Fun
Is there a better way to get in the summer spirit and experience beach vibes without actually being around sand than drinking out of a bright neon bucket? Nope! From sangria to a tropical rum blend, Piknic's cocktails are the farthest thing imaginable from the crappy festival beers we’ve all become way too accustomed to. Not to mention there’s something ridiculously fun about sharing a drink-filled bucket with your BFF - or just yourself.

1) Piknic Might Just Be The Best Party In Montreal
It's true, Montreal has no shortage of outdoor festivals, but if you’re looking to dance, soak up cool vibes and not be faced with the challenge of picking between a million stages, thus missing most of the action, Piknic is the place to be. Let’s put it this way: Piknic Electronik is the rad secret party you don’t want to tell anyone about, except the coolest people you know... which is why we’re telling you! 

Piknic runs until September 27th, which means no excuses - you have to check it out. See the full schedule HERE


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