2015 MMVA performer Mia Martina talks dance music and fashion - listen to her EP here!

Crédit photo: @realmiamartina 2015 MMVA performer Mia Martina talks dance music and fashion - listen to her EP here!
Mia Martina is having quite the year! Not only will she performing at the MMVAs with Waka Flocka on June 21, but she released a self-titled EP earlier this spring that's been taking over dance floors across North America with hits like JUNO-nominated “Heartbreaker” and gold-selling, MMVA-nominated “Danse”.

We caught up with the Canadian artist, who is originally from New Brunswick, while she was in studio for a chat about the record, her love of dance music and wardrobe essentials! 

Congratulations on the new EP! Where did most of the inspiration for this album come from?
Thank you! The inspiration came from real life experiences. It’s much more of a personal project this time. The EP is dark and sexy, as in “Beast”, but also about heartache and love lost, as in “HFH". With my music I think I created songs that everyone can relate to. 

Did you find yourself approaching it differently than your previous releases?
This release was a lot more organic than the previous one. There really wasn't any pressure and I got to work with the producers I really wanted to this time around. It just felt like the right time to release new music. 
What is it about dance music that made you fall in love with it? 

I love dance music! There are so many feelings in the instrumentals, it takes you up and makes you feel good and happy. I love that. 
If you had to choose one song from the EP to listen to on repeat for a full day, which one would you pick?
Hmmm, I really love BEAST featuring Waka Flocka. It's such a different, darker vibe for me - it makes me feel sexy and I love it.
When you’re playing a show, what are your wardrobe essentials?  
It's all about the shoes!!! Give a woman the right heels and she can run the world!!!!

Stream Mia Martina's new self-titled EP in full below!


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