Top 10 summer-worthy terraces to get your drink (and food) on, Canada!

Crédit photo: @TerrassesBonsecours Top 10 summer-worthy terraces to get your drink (and food) on, Canada!
Winter is finally gone - shh! if we don't talk about it, maybe it will never come back - and it's safe to say that we've been waiting to bask in the sunshine with a cold drink, some delicious food and amazing company for ages. 

Now that we can finally take our partying outdoors, we're all about exploring new terraces and we've decided to share some of our recent discoveries with you! *high five* These 10 patios are not only visually stunning, but their menus are brag-worthy, too. Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver -- this one's for you. #HelloSummer 


El Catrin (55 Mill Street)

If you’re craving a margarita (or five), this is the spot for you. Complete with an impressive fire pit and beautiful chandeliers, this hotspot offers an eclectic patio, to say the least, and serves authentic traditional and modern Mexican cuisine with tons and tons of tapas. And because it’s in the Distillery District, you know the drinks are winners, especially the house sangria! 

Gusto 101 (101 Portland Street)

This Italian eatery features a Tuscan-style grill, plenty of greenery and even a ‘Goodyear’ sign to add to its uniqueness. 'Gusto' translates to 'tasty' in Italian and whether you opt for the pizza, pasta or wine, you can rest assured you'll be in good hands. The fact that Gusto 101 is located inside a former auto body shop just adds to its cool factor. 

Allen’s (143 Danforth Avenue)

Now that we’ve covered Mexican and Italian, it’s time for some Irish flavor, right? Look no further than classic Allen’s, which is “owner John Maxwell's loving tribute to the Irish-American saloons of his native New York. Extensive use of wood, a tin ceiling, oak-plank floor, and warm dark colours give Allen's the glow of comfortable tradition." Meanwhile, the patio will let you unwind in what feels like a secluded oasis. 


Terrasses Bonsecours (364 De la Commune East)

With an unbeatable location right on Old Montreal’s waterfront, Terrasses Bonsecours offers an amazing happy hour, plus a great option to go all night. After all, who could possibly resist the temptation of exploring all four terraces and being wowed by magnificent views of the city? Now in its 7th summer season, Terrasses Bonsecours also offers great music, delicious food and the possibility of spotting your fave celeb - we're talking everyone from PK Subban to Rihanna. Yes, please. 

New City Gas (950 Ottawa Street) 

Love EDM and sipping on bubbly under the stars? Duh! Not only is New City Gas the city’s No. 1 venue to enjoy live DJ sets from some of the industry's biggest names, but as of May 28th, it's also going to become one of Montreal's go-to spots for happy hour. Every Thursday, partygoers will be able to enjoy drinks, as well as food from Matador, the brand new 60-seat pop-up kitchen, serving up everything from tacos to ceviche. Then you can head inside and dance the night away.

Newtown (1476 Crescent)

Not only will this rooftop terrace afford you awesome views of one of Montreal’s liveliest streets (be sure to snag a spot here for people watching during F1 weekend, if you can), but the brand new mojito bar is so killer, it'll have you coming back all summer long. You can craft your own by choosing your fave rum, fruit, sugar and topping, or pick from surefire winners like strawberry and Pimm’s. 

Labarake (3165 Rachel East)

This delicious restaurant located in an old fire station (how cool is that?!) just celebrated its one year anniversary and it's about to give Montrealers even more reasons to fall in love thanks to the opening of an awesome terrace. Bask in the rich history and industrial decor while you enjoy classics like beef tartar and tuna lollipops. Don't forget the crazy cocktails, ranging from the Bloody Carnivore (starring bacon) to the Le Noir (featuring coffee Patron and cacao cream) and Mr. Angus (complete with maple syrup). 


The Wicklow (610 Stamps Landing)
Describing itself as “a cozy tavern overlooking False Creek that offers great food made fresh in house daily, great people and stunning views”, The Wicklow isn’t kidding even the tiniest bit. Look out onto a whole bunch of boats, try the seasonal menu and, of course, sip on a cocktail as you ponder whether or not this is the chillest city in Canada.

Kingston Taphouse & Grille (755 Richards Street)
Found right in the heart of downtown Vancity, Kingston's location can't be beat, but neither can its seasonal beer menu and that’s what really, really matters, isn't it? It’s summer i.e. time to celebrate by sampling a variety of great brews, like the Kingston Honey Lager or Stanley Park Pilsner, and catching some rays. 

The Roof (1032 Alberni Street) 

Between the zebra pillows, bright flowers and stunning views, The Roof, Black+Blue’s third floor outdoor restaurant and lounge, is a must for locals and visitors alike. It’s got its own special menu (carnivores will freak out over the steak while jumbo tiger prawns on a skewer will please everyone) and everything from Mai Tais to sangria. Yum!

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