Schools in Tennessee serve kids six-year-old meat found in freezer #yum

Crédit photo: Frabz Schools in Tennessee serve kids six-year-old meat found in freezer #yum
Someone at the Hawkins County school system done f*cked up, serving kids six-year-old meat that had been sitting in a freezer since 2009 as part of their super fresh, nutritious and delicious school lunches.

Michael Herrell, a Hawkins County commissioner, got wind of what was going on in the county’s cafeterias when he received a pic from a cook at Joseph Rogers Primary School showing pork roast stamped with a 2009 date. Said cook didn’t serve the meat which had been frozen for years, but all the other cafs did.

“They go to school, and that might be the only meal they get all day long… It just didn’t go over well with me when I heard we were feeding these kids meat that’s dated 2009,” Herrell told WATE. Really, you don’t say?!

Steve Starnes, the Hawkins County director of schools, added that there will now be new procedures in place, including keeping track of inventory and making sure all packages have delivery dates on them.
He also made sure to mention that he had absolutely no idea how the meat could have survived in a freezer for so long without being noticed and reassured WATE that there have been no reports of children getting sick.

Is it just us or does it seem like no one is taking this seriously enough?

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