What do you get when you marry talented (and HAWT) performers with elements drawn from classic burlesque, circus and cabaret and top it all of with killer live music? Spiegelworld's EMPIRE, of course.

Following sold out runs in New York (where EMPIRE became the first-ever tented show to take over Times Square back in 2012), Australia, New Zealand and Japan, the troupe is setting up its 700-seat antique Spiegeltent in Canada. 

On the outside, the tent is covered in graffiti worthy of the finest street artists, but as soon as guests set foot through the door, they're met with a warm atmosphere, complete with velvet booths and even a carousel horse. 

The 90-minute spectacular offers a little somethin' somethin' for everyone, from amazing tunes to unbelievable tricks and hilarious comedy. Oscar and Fanny's sexy, profanity-laced skits (you will NEVER look at bananas the same way again) will have you laughing till it hurts... when you're not busy rocking out to the sounds of songstress Miss Purple and guitarist Moondog.

Then, get ready for your jaw to hit the ground, as you watch the likes of  Miss A contorting inside a giant bubble hanging from the ceiling, the Gorilla Girls balancing each other like it's no big deal, Black Flintstone juggling his brother Big Mac Boy WITH HIS FEET and, the piece de resistance, Canada's own 3D Graffiti Guy doing something unthinkable (no spoilers here - you'll have to watch the show for yourself #sorrynotsorry). 

EMPIRE will be stopping in five Canadian cities over the next several months with tickets ranging in price from $69 to $129. If you're around for any of these, do NOT miss out: 

  • Montreal :  Starting April 21
  • Québec City :  Starting June 24
  • Ottawa Region:  Starting July 28
  • Toronto :  Starting September 1
  • Vancouver:  Starting November 24
​Now, take a peek inside the Spiegeltent, won't you?


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