Watch Adam Levine get attacked by a CRAZY fan on stage [VIDEO]

Crédit photo: @adamlevine Watch Adam Levine get attacked by a CRAZY fan on stage [VIDEO]
Adam Levine was performing at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California with Maroon 5 when a crazy fan sprinted up on stage and pretty much attacked the frontman by throwing her arms around his neck and refusing to let go.

Caught totally off-guard, Levine’s initial reaction was to push her off, but he then turned on his usual charm and tried to calm her down by putting his arm around her.

She - surprisingly - did take her overzealous passion down a notch and when a security guard popped up beside her, she didn’t put up a fight and walked away. We have to say that guy was really on the ball - someone give the man a bonus!

Lucky for us, the incident was captured on social media and you can enjoy the wild encounter in this Instagram video:


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Once the girl was gone, Levine told the crowd, “You're singing, and your eyes are closed, and you have this beautiful moment, then the next thing you know someone's ... in your face. Super terrifying." Especially when you’re facing the other way!

Levine also made sure to point out that the chick’s fingernails cut into his ear and all the ladies in attendance ‘Awwwww’d their little hearts out. Pretty sure he’s going to be OK…


A video posted by @kristiney_weenie on

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