Is Nicole Kidman cheating on Keith Urban?

Is Nicole Kidman cheating on Keith Urban?

Who is Nicole Kidman sharing this passionate kiss with? The mystery man is Chiwetel Ejiofor, star of Twelve Years a Slave! Kidman and Ejiofor both star in Billy Ray's latest flick Secret in their eyes. This movie is the second adaptation of Eduardo Sacheri’s novel La Pregunta de sus Ojos.

The thriller tells the story of District Attorney Claire, played by Kidman, and an FBI agent, played by Chewetel, who attempt to resolve an unsolved rape and murder case. Julia Roberts and Dean Norris are also part of the cast. The Filming began on January 26 and we can expect the released somewhere in 2016. The trailer isn't out yet, but we can’t wait! 


So Kidman and Ejiofor met on set and rumour has it that they’re getting pretty close. A source says that «They rehearse together in private, and they’re always giggling and whispering about something. They’ve even gone out a couple of nights together». But wait a minute... Kidman is still married with Keith Urban, so what does he thinks of it? Apparently he is furious! He been married to the high-profile actress for nine years now, so he should be used to her getting close and personnal with her co-stars. I guess this time must be different?

Friends or more? Impossible to know for now. We'll just have to wait and see...

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