The real von Trapp great-grandchildren have an indie pop band and it's no Sound of Music (but it rules)

Crédit photo: The von Trapps
Sofia, Melanie, Amanda and August von Trapp, the great-grandchildren of the von Trapp family that inspired the one and only The Sound of Music, have been performing together since they were kids and now, they've decided to drop an album filled with original songs under the name The von Trapps

The indie pop band based in Portland, Oregon - of course - will release its first EP, Dancing in Gold, on April 14 and the debut single is now up on Soundcloud for your listening pleasure (hear it below!). 
The quartet plans to release two more EPs in the next two years and, in an interview with Rolling Stone, they described their first effort as being "for everyone who feels constrained by their years and needs to remember that the world is overwhelming for everyone, and taking the right amount of time to grow up is better than trying to pretend you don't need to."

"Fourteen years of touring the world together has given each of us a well of inspiration, and we are at a point where all of that energy is overflowing," they added. "How each of us blend our styles together is both a challenge and a thrilling discovery for us, yet this first creation, Dancing in Gold, found a wonderfully surprising and compelling place."

It's no Sound of Music, but it rules, that's for sure! 

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