OH GAWD it's here, SPRING IS HERE! The white sh*t is melting and therefore I can't help but to feel pretty damn happy. See that cover picture? That lady jumping in the air with a big ol' smile on her face? Yeah well, I made that. Pretty DARN beautiful right? But mostly it's EXACTLY how I'm feeling right now, like I'm about to break into grand jetés on a flowery neon backdrop. Case in point: I typed JOY in Getty images to find the initial picture.

You're probably also wondering where did the February editor's picks go to? And to that i'll anwser you: I was probably in a lethargic state somewhere too busy to hate on the weather to think about music. So for my misconduct/ lack of consistency I'm adding an extra 5 songs to this playlist. WOW. I know.

One of these extra song is a fabulous 80's hit from Howard Jones featuring the best chorus known to mankind and a fabulous saxophone riff that only the 80's could have birthed.

So these are the 15 tracks that have been playing non-stop in my ears for the past month or so a mix of old hits and new music, hopefully you'll enjoy them as much as I do!


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