It's a well known thing, people like to treat their animals the same way they'd treat their real babies: dresses, collars, shoes, beds... (the list goes on and on). Well, thanks to Japanese pet supply company B&H Lifes, you'll be able to treat your cat to a nice glass of red wine during your next fancy dinner party.

The Nyan Nyan Nouveau (Nyan Nyan apparently is Japanese for meow meow) is a quality product made out of Cabernet grapes, because your cat doesn’t deserve any less! 

At 4$ a bottle you can party with your cat for cheap! So why not celebrate your cat's birthday?

Forget the time when you were drinking glasses of wine by yourself #foreveralone, now your pet will become your best drinking buddy! Warning though, he might stop partying unexpectedly and go to bed early...

We already hear PETA'S screams from here! Don’t worry, your cat will never have to attend an A.A meeting since this cat wine will never actually get your cat drunk. The wine doesn’t contain any alcohol, but it still kind of taste like wine and it definitely looks like red wine! Your cat won`t notice the scam. 

Placebo effect FTW!

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