My mom is pretty bad ass; she makes an awesome apple pie and a good lasagna, but she drives like a real grandma! In the video: Mom and Kids Drifting in a Minivan, Momkhana by Famous Footwear, this stunt driver mom destroys every soccer mom's stereotypes one turn at the time

Granted she drives a minivan, but she doesn't go soft on the thing: high speeding, quick turning, tire screeching and drifting are just a small taste of her driving skills! Her two kids seem totally used to it, playing video games in the back seat: nothing special here, just mom’s usual driving madness!

The entire thing is a parody of Ken Block's Gymkhana seven ultra viral videos (more than 22 millions views on his last one). Similar scenes, but with a totally different driver. 

For those of you who think this mom is irresponsible for driving like this with her kids inside the car, you'll be relieved to know: it's all fake. The kids are never in the car while she's driving. Though, Shauna Duggins, the crazy stunt driver suburban mom, is not a lie: she is a professionnal driver who doubles for famous actresses like Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Garner. Oh and she also is a real-mom life too, let's just hope she's a little more tamed in her day-to-day commuting!

Watch the behind the scenes video of the advertisement:

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