A weird story coming from China? Who could have thought?! If you think it's rough to be single on Valentine's day here, you have no idea how bad it is to be single on Chinese New Year in China. For Chinese It's the moment of the year where parents put a lot of pressure on their children, especially on girls, to get married, have children and extend the family.
Can you imagine? As if it not already depressing enough to be single, you have to deal with your parents' pressure. Now, someone in China thought of a way to avoid their parents' lecture and it's called Rent-a-Boyfriend AKA "legal escorts".

So It is now possible to go at China’s largest online marketplace, Taobao, to rent a boyfriend. Yup. Prices varies between 160$ and 1500$ a day plus some extra can be charged for "romantic activities" such as holding hand, cuddling or going to the movie.

Oh and as if this wasn't bad enough you can also go as far as renting a HUSBAND. Ouch, I wonder how much they have to pay for this?

In this article, they explain that the real problem is about the Chinese society where fiiting in the standards is crucial (no shit.) «It’s about fitting into these roles. To appear to be doing it so you don’t cause chao... So long as that is how it looks, it doesn’t matter if that is not how it is. Rent a boyfriend—yes, it is superficial. But in China the superficial matters. Playing that part is important.» - Steinfeld

Would you rent a boyfriend if it was possible here?

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