I don't know about you, but I get easily embarrassed by weird situations, and by easily embarrassed, I mean I cringe HARD, often. So watching the Oscars is for me a bittersweet experience. Every moment, every speech, has the potential of turning into a ginormous cringe bomb.

So for your (and my) greatest displeasure I picked out the top 5 moments during the Oscars when I had to look away and bury my face in my hands aka the Top 5 Cringeworthy moments of the 87th Academy Awards.

1) The 5000 camera close-ups of Michael Keaton chewing on a gum.
Ok I could understand that he'd forgot to spit it out, got stuck with it and then whoops the camera caught him the first time but then you're like "oh shit oh shit" and you swallow it. But not Michael Keaton. Michael savored that gum all. night. long. And sure enough, each time that the camera was on the guy, he was chewing, chewing and chewing some more, he literally worked that gum to the point he probably invented a new type of rubber out of it.

2) John Travolta turned into the creepiest person on earth
*Shudder* Idina Menzel is presenting and calls "Glom Gazingo" onstage. Sure enough Travolta shows up, and everyone is like "hahaha funeyyyy", but then it all goes downhill from here. Travolta grabs Idina's chin, puts his creepiest face on, and then starts repeating/ chanting her name "Idina oh Idina, Idina, Idina, my beautiful Idina", without blinking or letting go of her chin. So at this point we all think it's some type of weird joke... but no, It's not a joke. Idina handled the creepy and cringy-as-fuck moment like a champ, but I wouldn't be surprised if I'd learn one day that she finished the night in her shower crying.

2.b) John Travolta creeps on Scarlett Johanson too!
So before the Idinia Incident, this happened (see below). Yup, Travolta kinda creepily planted a kiss on Scarlett Johanson's cheek on the red carpet, and well, her face says it all. GAWD.

3) Alejandro González Iñárritu (Birdman) can't find it in him to thank his wife.
So Iñárritu wins for Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Picture. It's the third time of the night he's on stage, and he hasn't thanked his wife yet. At the end of his last acceptance speech, one of Birdman's castmember reminds the director to thank her, and this is when it got SUPER cringy.

Instead of being like "Whoopsie forgot to thank my wife three times in a row" Iñárritu goes: "ahhhh he's reminded me to thank my wife...HAHAHA..Maria I love you you know that, it's ok we say that every morning when we wake up." and THAT'S IT. O-M-G. I felt so bad for his wife. like woa. Maria don't need no more love she's got that one "I love you" every morning, 1 per day is plenty for Maria. #romancefail

4) Nicole Kidman clapping.
Don't need to explain that one do I?

5) Paweł Pawlikowski (winner for best foreign language movie - Ida) speech gets cut as he's trying to thank his late wife

So Pawel's speech is funny and on point, but a tad too long. Nevertheless the director keeps thanking his crowd while the closing song slowly but surely crescendos over his voice. Thing is, the exact moment when the the song stops because it couldn't get any louder, thats when Pawlikowski franticly decides to thank his late wife. God. You can pinpoint the exact moment when the trumpet section in the orchestra probably felt like the worst jerks in the history of jerks. 2:24.

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