Remember Jasmine Tridevil, the three-boobed woman. Yeah her again.  If you don't know what I'm talking about I wonder where have you been last year?! Jasmine recently released a pro-rape video, and got charge with a DUI arrest for driving while intoxicated, yup that kind of human being. 

After keeping it on the down low for a couple weeks, she's back for attention, again! In this new interview she tries to convince the world that her bust is real ‘’I know my tits are real I don't care what anybody thinks", and by real she obviously means real-fake. Real fake boobs. For those of you in need of some catching up on the story: a couple months ago Jasmine’s bag was stolen at the airport, and then surpriseee: a 3 breasts prosthetic was found in her luggage  and sold to the media, putting Tridevil on the spot.

She insists her breasts are the real-fake deal, but impossible to find the crazy doctor who agreed to make this women look like a character straight out of Futurama. Apparently, she would have signed an undisclosure form when getting the procedure done. Very convenient. What about doing a topless shoot to prove the world she's not lying? Seems like a good idea in her case right? Out of the question, this would be against the "prude values" of this hypersexualized women. What would her mother think of her? *le sigh*

This interview is so lame it's good.

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