You either love or hate the biggest hair trend of this season: the hipster top knot hairstyle.

Derick Watts and The Sunday Blues made it clear: they love it when it’s big and wonderful, but hate it when it’s a tiny ridiculous knot. So they decided to take the matter into their own (hispter) hands and kill the trend cutting one bun at the time. In the video you can see them cruising around Cape Town giving out "free unwanted haircuts" by sneakily snipping off  the said ‘’prepubescent samurai hair" (their words!) with no mercy. 

Is it staged? Or did those bastards really snip these poor dudes' hair knots without their consent? The 5-minute-long video is agonishing! You kinda get scared that the guys get caught, but at the same time you also feel super bad for the victims. People have split opinions on the prank as well: on one side you have those who thinks it's hilarious, and on the other  you have people wo say it's unacceptable, even going as far as saying it should be considered as an act of violence aka assault.

Now, we almost wish someone would cut off the prankster's annoying mustache. How can you criticize man buns while sporting the second most annoying hipster trend out there yourself !?!?

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