So Amber Rose Officially declared war on the Kardashians, and here's how it all started:

During an appearance at a radio show (The Breakfast Club) Amber was asked to give her 2 cents on The whole Tyga dating Kylie Jenner rumors. The thing is, Amber is BFF with Blac Chyna, Tyga's ex. If you remember the two broke up about a year ago and are now sharing the custody of their son King Cairo.

Amber basically accused Tyga of abandonning his family for Kylie saying things like "she should be in bed at 7" and "she needs to chill". Tyga also went on the Breakfast Club this morning to clear the air, insisting that he and Kylie were NOT dating and that she was not the cause of his split with Blac Chyna.

Ok and now for the juicy part: Kanye who usually doesn't keep his tongue in his pocketis staying out of the feud (for now) even though Amber clearly called him out in her tweets.

Now here's where it gets even more interesting. Y'all remember that before Amber Rose was Wiz Khalifa's (ex)wife she was Kanye's girlfriend. A couple years ago Amber was still stripping in clubs when Kanye flew her to La to shoot a music video (that in the end never saw the light of day.) They dated for about 2 years, and had been appart for a year when Kanye started dating Kim (who was previously dating Reggie Bush).

Ready for another juicy fact? Wiz Khalifa just started following Khloe Kardashian on Twitter and Reggie Bush did the same with Amber Rose. PICK YOUR TEAM!

So here's how the feud went down on Twitter following Amber's first statements on the Breakfast Club:

followed by:

To which Klhoe answered this:

And Amber replied this classy tweet:
AND the juicy one: 

So, Team Khloe or Team Amber?

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