Remember Sophia Grace and her hit : Girls Just Gotta Have Fun? Yeah we'd like to forget about it too. But you know sometimes in life you've gotta check out the really bad to be able to appreciate the good after. Sophia is back with a new cringefest  music video titled Best Friends. Her parents had probably WAY too much money on their hands AGAIN, and therefore we need to suffer for it. Simple as that.

So, her new song is - i'm sure you've already guessed- about best friends. *Le sigh*  Funny that she totally left her very own BFF, cousin and former co-star Rosie out of the picture this time. Yup, famous Rosie is nowhere to be found in this video 
"There can only be one child star in this family and IT'S MEEEEE *kicks Rosie out of the frame*" Damn tough wake up call uh Rosie?

Just because it`s toooooo good (read our mind here) here's Girls Just Gotta Have Fun again.

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