I just stumbled upon this post on Reddit and even though you're all probably sick and tired of hearing about Valentine's Day by now, I bet you'll find it super awesome!

So this guy going by the sweet name of BrianDangerFlynn has been keeping a massive secret from his girlfriend for 3 months now. Noooo, this story isn't about a cheating boyfriend (yet...) (Justtt kiddinnn'), but instead a wonderful guy who had THE best idea for Valentine's Day! BrianDangerFlynn commissioned Dylan Bonner an artist and family friend, to paint his girlfriend Manini and him into a bunch of different Disney movie scenes.

Amazingggg! Love it when people get creative with their gifts! 

Here's what he had to say about his magical gift: "I want our relationship to be as epic and timeless as the animations we grew up on, so I decided to have us painted into some famous Disney scenes and surprise her for Valentines Day. It's been a secret for 3 months, and I can't wait to show her!"

"I contacted Dylan about this project three months ago. I sent him tons of photos of Manini and me and images of the Disney scenes I was hoping he could mimic. I've been bursting at the seams trying
to keep this a secret!"

Here's what they look like in real life (The paintings are pretty spot on if you ask me):

Best valentine's Day gift or what? Check out Dylan's tumblr for more of these and other amazing artwork!

Image #1

Image #2

Image #3

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