FUN FACT: Did you know that Dr. Phil "retired" from psychology in 2006? Nop? Well, there you have it, the cold harsh truth. Dr. Phil's phycology liscence has been expired for a while now so technically he can't really practice. SAY WHAT? 

Yup, our favorite redneck psychology show: a big fat lie all these years. Can't believe it. Now what? The gazillion paternity tests taken during the Maury Show were also fake? OH and maybe you'll tell me that Jerry Springer hired z-class actors to play these meth addicts caught in some impossible love triangles? That Cesar Millan isn't really a dog trainer but trains cats and lizards for a living instead? Come Onnnn. THE LIESSS, can't deal!

Now that we know that Dr. Phil's advices weren't psycho-certified (just made this funky word up) let's trip the show down to the only thing that still really matters: The awkward stares.

Just like that our favorite #facepalm show turns into a massive and hilarious stare contest between Dr. Phil and his guests. 

What else do we really need now? #realityTV

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