Tired of your crap lying around your house? Don't wanna put the said crap in the trash because your're an undiagnosed hoarder who can't help but to keep Every. Single. Shit that falls in your path? Your social life has long packed its bag and said "Sayonara motherf*cker, I'm out of here"? You lost your cat to that vintage tin can collection you've been stacking up in your bedroom for the past 10 years? Well sad friend, Jones Big Ass truck rental & storage is exactly what you need!

For the modest price of $1 to $11/month Jones will store your shit in his own personal shit hole/ backyard/dumpster. 

There just so many things I already loved from the original ad, but the JAZZ guit on top is just that cherry we were looking to put on top of our garbage sundae! It almost makes me sad that this ad isn't for real, like I legit want to store my shit at Jones now.

Some of my favorites moments from the original fake-ad:

Jones title : Owner/Driver/ Junk Specialist

His reason for having such cheap prices: " the fact of the matter is I'm pretty drunk right now... and this is a drunk discount sale"

This line: "Gimme a call or find me on them internets"

This website: www.jonesbigasstruckrentalsandstorage.com

Don't forget to check out Jones' other Big Ass videos on YouTube!

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