Based on Barbie's track record, women should be sexy nurses, sexy teaches, sexy brides, sexy surfers, sexy princesses…  you get the point! For the past 45 and some years, Barbie has been accused of promoting unrealistic beauty standards to young girls growing up. And so through the years several artists diverted the famous plastic icon, and that's exactly what Canadian artist Mariel Clayton did with her blood-thirsty Barbie.

In Clayton's pictures Barbie is anything but nice and docile, yup she's basically a total plastic monster.
Clayton creates lovely dollhouse-like environment where Barbie stages a bunch of murder, and guess who's the victim? Yup, Ken. The gory imagination of the artist seems endless, since we totally lost counts of how many time Barbie killed poor Ken. Gulp.

Don`t you thhink the toy’s perfect hair and smile makes the entire picture look suuuper creepy?!
You’ll find a lot more of these on the artist’s website: or on her Facebook Page. Take a look at these:

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