Somewhere, somehow, someone at the TTC f*cked up. Yesterday morning, several Toronto Transit Commission employees were seen removing d*ck posters  maps of the bus platform at Downsview station in Toronto. It rightfully caught the eyes of a redditor who subsequently posted a picture on Reddit of said maps being removed. The rest is penhistory. 

I mean, come onnn! Someone should have caught this before it got to the print shop, right? Guess not! Oh, and this comment on the Reddit thread - preach:

Here's what TTC spokesman Brad Ross told the Toronto Sun about the incident:

"Everybody who had seen the sign, it led some to believe it looked like a very phallic-looking symbol and we don't want any of our maps to be misconstrued, so we're in the midst of replacing it." 

 "There's an approval process for signage and maps and in an effort to expedite things, to get the job done as quickly as possible, the process was not followed in this case." 

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