Seattle resident Jake Chapmantook is the talk of the Interwebs thanks to his unconventional approach to Tinder. You see, Jake thought it would be a fantastic idea to get some of his ex-girlfriends to write reviews about him, which he could then use as part of his profile and, as crazy as it sounds, his plan worked. Sort of.

"I've been taking dating a little to serious lately," he wrote on Reddit. "So I decided to ask my ex-girlfriends at 1am to write a 1-2 sentence review about me for my Tinder profile and rate me 1-5 stars. Worked out exactly as I thought it would. 1 ex won't stop texting me now, and the others hate me even more then when they left to begin with. But hey, at least my matches are blowing up baha."
Here's what no one could have predicted: One of Jake's ex-ladies, Taylor, "decided she was hurt that I didn't think of her and decided to text me her review which has now been added to the profile." She wrote: "He's got a job, condo, dog, fast car, can cook, good with his hands 🙂 and is a complete sweet heart. The only thing keeping me from trying to be with him is 1,155 miles." 

Sweet, right? Wrong. Turns out Taylor had a boyfriend and then, less than three hours after submitting that blurb, she sent Jake this kind of lovely/super scary text:


One really good thing did come out of this, though. No, not true love, but this fan-made movie poster:


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