Here we go again. Taylor Swift's Twitter and Instagram account were hacked this morning by two guys going by the e-name of @lizzard and @veriuser. Both claimed to have ties with the Lizard squad, a cold-blooded hacker gang.

If like me you are picturing a group of lizards with bomber jackets and shades, you are not that far away from reality. Now put them in front of 2 computers with some green code Matrix-style, and some random exaggerated typing, Voilà, you've got yourself some Lizard hackers!

Mr. @lizzard and @veriuser have threathened Swift with the leak of nudes on the Interwebz. Ouch. We really hope for her sake she has none (celebrities, they never learn...)

The Lizard squad also allegedly hacked a bunch of gaming system last year (we're talking Xbox live and Sony Playstation among others). Both @lizzard and @veriuser accounts have been shut down shortly after. And now we wait... 

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