This is the highest grossing channel on Youtube - WTF

Crédit photo: DC Toys Collector This is the highest grossing channel on Youtube - WTF

The Youtube channel who won the title of  "highest grossing channel of 2014" earned $5 million this year alone, has more than 1 500 videos and has an average of 380 million views every month. You are probably wondering what type of channel could generate that much traffic and how the person behind the project manages to do it. Well, don't get too excited 'cause the answer is pretty disappointing.

According to Openslate, a video analytics plateform, it's DC Toy Collector's channel that made the most last year. DC Toy Collector's Videos are pretty much always the same:  a girl opens Disney toys while describing every single thing in a massively annoying tone. That's it! It's really nothing more than that... So lesson  learned you don't need to have awesome content to earn big on Youtube. All you need is two hands, a cheezy manucure, some Disney toys and a fair amount of spare time.

Besides the fact that we don't understand the popularity of this channel,what's even weirder is that no one know the identity of the woman in the video. No one. Although, if it was us, we wouldn't want a soul to know either.

So without further ado we present you the most popular video on her channel. We dare you to watch it until the end...


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