This skillfull -but tacky- barber turns your hair into celebrities

Crédit photo: @robtheoriginal This skillfull -but tacky- barber turns your hair into celebrities

Some people loooove celebrities, they follow them on every social media and make sure they know everything single thing about them. But for some, knowing what Kim Kardashian ate for dinner is not enough, they love them celebs so much it's almost as if they'd want a piece of them (Britney Spears said it first!) 

If you recognize yourself in this statement -hopefully not-  your dream could become a tad closer to reality; you just have to fly to Texas and pay Rob Ferrel a visit. Well, you won't literally have a piece of your favorite celeb, but you'll be able to have their face shaved on your head, close enough right?

Rob The Original -that’s how we call him- specializes in shaving beauziiifullll celebrity portraits on people's heads. He already did the portrait of Kim Kardashian, Jimmy Fallon, Drake and a lot more.  

Rob always aspired to be an artist; so he ended up mixing his two passions to share a new vision of the profession (barber) and a different way of using hair, so in a way, shaving became his artform.

Here’s some of his best work. Go check out the rest of his pictures on his instagram. 

What do you think of the idea? 

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