If you’ve ever found yourself thinking, ‘Damn, why can’t I ever lie to my family and friends about having a girlfriend/boyfriend and make them believe me?!’, then the creators of a brand new service called Invisible Girlfriend/Invisible Boyfriend have got your back. No, we’re not kidding.

For the very low and reasonable price of $25, you can sign up for IG and the app will help you trick everyone you know by sending you 100 text messages — complete with photos — that you can then use as solid proof when trying to prove that you totally have a partner.

Also included in that fee is the chance to make up the story of how you first met and, as a real bonus, you’ll get 10 voice mails and a handwritten note. Why? We have no idea. 

Matthew Homann first got the idea for IG almost a decade ago and in 2013, he actually won a startup competition thanks to the bizarre app, so he spent the past year developing it. Now, it’s part of the real world and in case you think it’s totally creepy, perhaps the fact that actual humans are in charge of sending the messages will convince you to sign up and help you sleep well at night. Nahhhh...

Gawker actually spoke with Homann who explained that the site's users often fall into these categories: “People who don't want their conservative grandparents to find out that they're gay. Others are soldiers overseas who want to pretend they have girlfriends back home. A few others have been guys who want to practice having a girlfriend so they can see what it's like, and so they can learn how to flirt over text messages.”

OK, now we feel kinda, sorta bad about not taking his idea seriously. Nahhhh...

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