If there's anything we've learned from watching movies that take place in a college setting, it's that sororities (and fraternities, for that matter) are seriously intense and totally scary. 

But as much as we always knew that on an instinctual level, we never really had solid proof of the kind of craziness that takes place in sorority houses across the US... until now. 

An anonymous member of Alpha Chi Omega over at the University of Southern California shared an email with Jezebel that outlines instructions and specific rules all members of Alpha Chi Omega were expected to follow during rush week i.e. the start of term when possible new girls are interviewed for recruitment. 

Here are just a FEW excerpts from some of the best passages in the email (the actual list goes on and on and on and on): 

“I cannot stress how important Spanx are to make you look your best. Even if you are very thin, Spanx will give you a better “line” when you wear clothes (no awkward bumps!). Plus you won’t have to worry about sucking it in all the time!”

“Remember: Your hair needs to be one normal color. No crazy ombre, no color you wouldn’t see in nature.” (Also, if you're thinking about going from blonde to black or vice versa, do so after recruitment. You won't know for sure what it will look like, and if you hate it/your hairstylist does a bad job, that won't fly.)"

“Eyebrows shape your face. Bad eyebrows will make you look less beautiful than you actually are. I know "full" eyebrows are in style right now, but "full" does not mean "BUSHY" or "WILD."... Alternatively, if you have SPARSE eyebrows then you need to fill them in."

"You need to have foundation, concealer, something pinky/neutral for the lips (stain, gloss, etc), BLOT POWDER/OIL BLOTTERS, eyeliner (BLACK or BROWN only), mascara, neutral eyeshadows, bronzer, and (optional but recommended) blush. If you are not wearing the required makeup, I will stop you and apply it myself. I don't care if you're late for class. I don't care if you're a sophomore or a super senior. I will stop you."

Ummmm, no thanks.

Although the email was first written in 2013, the girl told Jezebel, “They’re definitely still doing it.” Once a high maintenance sorority girl, always a high maintenance sorority girl.

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