First things first, David Bowie is freakin’ awesome. Secondly, so is artist Helen Green.

Perhaps best known for her awesome pop-inspired cartoons/drawings of Lady Gaga, which are full of bright colors and adorableness, Green spends up to 10 hours on each of her creations and is clearly a perfectionist who boasts a massive amount of talent.

Writing about how she first got into the world of art, Green explains, “it’s something I’ve always loved doing, so I can’t really pin-point a secific age when I started drawing. The point where I took it more seriously was while I studied art at college, where I learnt a whole new set of skills. My current illustrative style has developed through frequent sketching and practicing in my own time."

Most recently, she expanded her horizons and set her sights on David Bowie in celebration of the musical genius’ 68th birthday. The first thing Green did was draw Bowie through the ages (more specifically, his hair over the past several decades) in one glorious black and white print, which we desperately want for HQ!

After that, she combined all the images into the best GIF of all time, which shows the musical genius' metamorphosis throughout his career. Check it: 

On This bright and funky note, Let's Dance!

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