Last fall, The Walking Dead's mid-season finale ended tragically with the surprising death of the beloved Beth and major sadness ensued among the fans of the show. And now, this new trailer makes us even more anxious regarding the faith of Rick (who is now sporting an awesome beard) and his group! The teaser is drastically more heartfelt than the usually gory ones we're used to.

In the last few episodes, the entire group was often divided and it seems that for this new season the primary focus will be about them trying to stick together. Where are Carl and Judith, though? Now that the D.C. plan is off, what will the survivors be looking for? Will it be about day-to-day survival? Finding a safe place to live might become the central plot line again… let’s just hope we will have a fair share of walkers!

The air date, February 8, is getting close and we can’t wait to know what is going to happen! We are expecting new characters, knowing that Alexandra Breckentidge and Ross Marquand are in the new cast, but we can only speculate what role they will be playing!

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